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CAFFERKY | RUSSO Law is proud to offer peaceful divorce and separation processes that minimize bad feelings by focusing on a shared outcome. Angie Russo specializes in Collaborative Law and Divorce Mediation, both processes that promote resolutions to seemingly unresolvable differences. 

Pursuing divorce through court hearings can be lengthy, expensive and stressful. You probably know someone who fought his or her case to the bitter end only to have a judge make decisions that neither party wanted. We all know someone who can’t stand the sight of their ex and can’t be in the same place at the same time with him or her. This doesn’t have to be your experience!

Save money. Preserve relationships. Stay out of court. Protect your privacy. Negotiate fair agreements for child custody division of assets. Collaborative Law and Mediation are your first steps to a happier future.

Choose a Healing Alternative to Divorce Court

Collaborative Law

What is Collaborative Law?

It's a revolutionary approach to divorce dispute resolution. It promotes healing while also costing significantly less than traditional family law litigation. Angie Russo's previous work in high-conflict settings gives her a unique ability to defuse volatile situations and obtain positive results – with the help of the Collaborative Law Process.

From the onset, you and your partner agree not go to court. You agree to exchange all necessary information and negotiate in good faith. Both of you will have attorneys who are dedicated to working toward a settlement and helping you create a co-parenting relationship. If at any time you or your partner decide to go to court, your collaborative attorneys will withdraw from the case. This ensures all parties are dedicated to reaching an out-of-court settlement agreement.

How does the Collaborative Process work?

In the Collaborative Process, you can choose to include other professionals such as a Divorce Coach, Financial Specialist and Child Specialist. Input from these professionals maximizes your financial and emotional resources. They can even help you envision a new direction for your future. Your Collaborative Attorney will coordinate meetings, working with these professionals to develop a well-rounded settlement agreement. Each settlement agreement is specific to your family’s unique needs.

Learn about Angie's step-by-step Collaborative Process.

What are the advantages over traditional divorce litigation?

A Collaborative Divorce is an investment in your future. Imagine a future where:

  • There’s less conflict
  • You continue to co-parent
  • You can sit next to your ex at your children’s school plays, graduations and weddings
  • You both can attend your grandchildren’s birthday parties

Divorce doesn't have to mean an end to all family functions. In fact, separation or divorce can be a new beginning of your bi-nuclear family. Collaborative Divorce can positively impact your family for generations to come.

Consulting Legal Services
Family law attorney Angie Russo

Collaborative Law?


Traditional Litigation?

Unbundled Legal Services?


Unsure of what process option for your separation or divorce is best for you and your partner? Want to learn more and ask questions? Angie provides a free one-hour initial process consultation to answer your questions and educate you about your options for legal services and mediation. If you want to bring your partner, he or she is welcome as well. If you both decide to use Angie as your mediator, you can get started that same day.

Appointments for Prospective Clients:

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Angie's Commitment to You

Quality Divorce Mediation and Legal Services at Reasonable Rates

Angie is passionate about providing affordable quality legal and mediation services. She acknowledges that separation and divorce is already a difficult financial transition for most families and does not want to further burden families with excessive fees. Many families opt out of getting legal or private mediation services because they are financially out of reach. Angie charges affordable rates on a sliding scale so all families have access to the healing mediation and quality legal services they need.  Payment plans and payment by credit card are both options.

Angie Russo Selected for 2020 Oregon Rising Stars List

December 7, 2020

Russo Ranked Top Lawyer for Second Year Running Angie Russo is being recognized as one of Oregon’s Top Lawyers for the second year in a row – 2019-2020. This honor goes to no more than 2.5% of lawyers in Oregon. Super Lawyers, a professional rating service, annually identifies outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice…

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