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The Collaborative Law Process

Angie's Approach to the Collaborative Law Process

Negotiating divorce, separation, child custody, division of assets – they're all big topics to negotiate. Sometimes knowing just what to expect makes it all less stressful. Here are the steps to peacefully restructure your family using the Collaborative Process:

Step 1

Free process consultation where you learn about the different divorce options available to you. Angie is committed to making sure you make an informed decision that works best for you and your family. If Angie is not a good fit for your particular situation, she will direct you to other resources.

Step 2

To start the process, you will meet with Angie to discuss your goals for the process and long term goals for you and all your family members. She will talk about what to expect during the Collaborative Process, information you will need to gather to have efficient meetings and ways to engage in productive conversations with your partner.

Step 3

Have a four-way meeting where you and Angie meet with your partner and his/her attorney. Both attorneys will be trained in Collaborative Law and mediation and help you two develop a plan for how to proceed with your divorce negotiations. You will sign a participation agreement where you both pledge not to go to court and to negotiate in good faith. Together we will determine your joint goals and if you would like to engage other neutral professionals. We will develop a roadmap to guide us through the process.

Step 4

There will be a series of joint sessions depending on what your family needs. During these meetings, we will identify family interests and priorities, brainstorm options, evaluate the potential outcomes of each possible choice, and finally make agreements. Topics for joint meetings include issues like, parenting plans, division of assets, spousal support, etc.

Step 5

Between joint sessions, both sets of attorneys and clients work together to obtain all necessary information and strategize between joint sessions.

Step 6

Between joint sessions, clients meet with other professionals to generate information or settlement ideas or work on communication skills.

Step 7

Attorneys and professionals meet/conference before joint sessions to ensure they are well planned and they have a clear agenda for each meeting. These planning sessions help create efficient and faster-moving joint sessions; they are the foundation of a good, faster resolution. (You can’t build a house well if you don’t start with a good architectural plan).

Step 8

Once a final resolution is achieved, the attorneys prepare the legal paperwork that formalizes the family’s mutual agreements.

Step 9

A final meeting is set to review the completed process and sign legal papers.

Step 10

File legal documents. The divorce is typically finalized within 3 weeks (with no court appearances).


Your new life begins, with a peacefully restructured family.


Angie is both knowledgable and experienced with the collaborative law process. I appreciate her empathy, fairness and her ability to keep things civil and consistently moving forward.

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