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Business Law

At CAFFERKY | RUSSO Law, we have years of experience helping businesses establish a solid foundation for success. 

Are you doing any of the following?

  • Starting a new business
  • Drafting employment agreements and stock option plans
  • Personalizing contracts and forms
  • Buying or selling a business
  • Planning for succession in a closely-held or family business
  • Restructuring and reorganizing your business
  • Buying or selling real estate
  • Protecting intellectual property rights

If so, our attorneys are here for you. Trust us to give you the legal advice your need when you need it. Rely on us to set your business up for success.


Business Law Supports Your Business Goals

Start ups and closely held businesses have the same need of sophisticated legal advice as larger and more established companies. That said, the concerns of closely held businesses may also affect personal decisions and finances – from properly documented loans to estate and multi-generation planning.

CAFFERKY | RUSSO delivers the quality and personalized service you'll only find at a small law firm. We can help you navigate all legal issues relating to business law, corporate, limited liability company (LLC) and partnership matters, taxation, estate planning, real estate, intellectual property and litigation.

We've worked with closely held businesses of all types and sizes. Our clients range from manufacturers to daycare, distilleries to youth talent agencies. Many of these businesses are family-owned and operated. Many have grown from small start ups into increasingly complex business entities with rounds of funding. CAFFERKY | RUSSO is there for you at all stages of your business development.

Our objective is to work collaboratively with clients as they acquire, grow, protect and transition their assets. We are legal advisors as well as problem solvers. Count on us to design solutions that address your particular needs. Rely on us to steer you away from unnecessary legal expenses.

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