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Looking for not only a legal advisor but, also, a problem solver? 

We're here to help you navigate all legal issues relating to business law. We work with closely held businesses of all types and sizes. Our attorneys handle corporate, limited liability company (LLC) and partnership matters as well as taxation, estate planning, real estate, intellectual property and litigation.

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Are you a young couple primarily concerned with naming caretakers for your minor children? Or established individuals considering Medicaid and tax planning? 

We offer a wide range of estate plan packages to meet the needs of clients at every stage of life. Let us help you maximize your assets.

Clear estate planning is a gift for those you leave behind.

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Divorce or separation doesn't have to be antagonistic! Collaborative Law and mediation offer a different, gentler way to separate your lives.

Preserve relationships. Save money. Negotiate fair agreements for child custody and division of assets. Protect your privacy.

We can help you build the way forward.

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Finding Solutions to Everyday Problems

At CAFFERKY | RUSSO Law, our experience, client focus and attention to detail ensure you receive the best legal advice, every time. Sometimes that means we steer you away from costly legal solutions. Others it means we go to bat for you using every tool in our legal arsenal. Either way we've got your back.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Oregon and California, giving you the flexibility you need regarding local and interstate matters.


The process can be fair and gentle and affordable with Collaborative Law, Mediation or Unbundled Legal Services.

Angie Russo provides free one-hour initial consultations to educate you about alternatives to duking it out in court.

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Starting a business is scary.

Planning for your own end is scary.

Watching your marriage edge towards divorce is scary.

Work with a firm known for its CandR (candor; pronounced ‘kandər’ ). At CAFFERKY | RUSSO Law (, we offer candid, honest guidance and expert advocacy – for those scary times and always.

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