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Everyday Legal Problems

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Business Law

Do you need assistance with your business?

We're here to help you navigate all legal issues relating to your business. We can handle a variety of issues that affect business owners.

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Estate Planning & Probate

Do you want to protect your loved ones if the unthinkable happens?

Clear estate planning is a gift for those you leave behind.

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Family Law

Do you want an amicable divorce?

We can help you build the way forward.

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Finding Solutions to Everyday Problems

At CAFFERKY | RUSSO Law, our experience, client focus and attention to detail ensure you receive the best legal advice, every time. Sometimes that means we steer you away from costly legal solutions. Others it means we go to bat for you using every tool in our legal arsenal. Either way we've got your back.

Our attorneys are licensed to practice in Oregon and California, giving you the flexibility you need regarding local and interstate matters.



The process can be fair and affordable with Collaborative Law, Mediation or Unbundled Legal Services.

Angie Russo provides free one-hour initial consultations to educate you about alternatives to duking it out in court.

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We are committed to working with you. We ensure our rates are accessible to families and small businesses.

Work with a firm known for its CandR (candor; pronounced ‘kandər’ ). At CAFFERKY | RUSSO Law (, we offer candid, honest guidance and expert advocacy – at affordable rates.

For example, check our rates for Estate Planning & Probate.

Notary Services and More

We have a notary available during regular business hours. Drop by or schedule a brief appointment to ensure availability.

  • Need to pick up or drop off documents?
  • Have a document you need to sign before a notary?

If you don't see a scheduling option that fits your needs, please don't hesitate to call the office for personal assistance.

Meeting Your Needs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned our world upside down. Many people have questions about their families, estate plans, and small businesses that need immediate answers. Cafferky | Russo is here to help you adjust to this new reality and plan for the future.

  • What are the bare minimum estate planning measures I should have in place? What are my options for signing documents at home?
    How should my estate plans change given the reality of the COVID-19/Coronavirus?
  • How can I help manage the care of my vulnerable loved ones? Can I still apply to be their Guardian or Conservator?
  • What should my small business be focused on right now? What financial support is available?
  • Should I continue with my current parenting plan? Is driving the kids back and forth allowed?
  • Can I still get divorced with the court system slowing down?
  • My wedding has been delayed, should I use this time to prepare a prenuptial agreement?

Please allow us to help you in this challenging time. We are fully prepared to communicate via email, phone, Skype, or Zoom. But the surest way to reach us is by email:

Bonnie – for Estate Planning, Elder Law, and Business inquiries
Angie – for Family Law, Parenting, and Prenup questions

There are brighter days ahead. In the meantime: Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay home.


Bonnie Cafferky Carter and Angie Russo

(07/10/2020 - present)

PH: 503-743-8155 | 7307 SW Beveland St., Ste 200, Portland, OR 97223 | FAX: 503-419-4158

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